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The Spiritheart Collective

I am a musician-in-residence at The Augusta Medical Center in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Most of my work is done bedside. I am also currently teaching the Native American Style Flute to Cancer Support Group Members at their Oncology Center, which is an affiliate of Duke university. I also play at The UVA Transitional Care Hospital, and at senior living and care facilities around the valley.

I am also both a performing and Teaching Artist who does Musical Outreach to those that I am honored to serve. My Mission is to reach out with music to serve children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, no matter what their physical or emotional condition(s).

The Spiritheart Collective Presents…”For The First Time,” a new CD by Lou Boden with Dan La Porta. It is all from that music that I play at the hospitals for the patients.

I am selling it to you so that I can give it away to the patients that I play for, and I hope for your support. “For The First Time” is up on CDBaby!

Please go check it out, take a listen, and if you like it help me spread the word. Every album sold allows me to give one to a patient free of charge.

If you’d like to by one directly from me, just send me a message me and we’ll make it happen.

Here are the notes from the CD jacket:

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know it for the first time.”— T.S. Elliot

This CD started out as an expression of my journey and unfolding, but it has become something much more.
It has become about all the patients and hospital staff that I have played for over time…about connection, about making contact.
I am Blessed to have been taught by each and everyone one of them. A child in PEDS, clutching her mother, stuck in an unfamiliar bed. A patient in ICU who came out of a coma and remembers that flute music was in the air while they slept. A silent patient, alone, on “comfort care” with nobody, no family, or friends, to witness their journey. A cancer patient, who could no longer speak, yet weakly raised one little finger trying to mouth “just one more,” every time I thought it was time for me to go to the next patient. I have witnessed nurses nearing the end of multiple 12 hour shifts still running to help a patient or family member, and doctors who make patients feel like they are the only one that matters. They have taught me more about life, and feeling, and heart, and courage, than I knew existed.

Each pieces of music on the CD has a story and created a connection. Each will forever bring forth a picture in my mind of both the people and some not so far off places.

This music is dedicated to all those who have touched me, taught me, had patients with me, put up with me, and made flutes for me. And, it is dedicated to my wife, Ellen, who has put up with my insanity for over 45 years, and still seems to love me.

This CD would not have been possible with the support of several people who have made donations to help with the cost of this recording:Frank Henninger, my brother from another mother, a major sponsor, and Rachel Heneberry, Shelli Nelson, David and Sheila Holland, Laurel Dee Snyder, Randy Motz, Paula Adams, and Charlotte Shnaider. Special Thanks to Cheri Moran, Tracy Sansossio, and LeDelle Irvine, without whom I would not be playing at The Augusta Medical Center and The UVA Transitional Care Hospital.

The Music:

1.  Spiritheart…The hardest and greatest journey of all is the journey to ourselves. To look inside our own heart, discover the Spirit that dwells within, and to feel the connection… And to understand that once discovered, never allowing it to be covered or hidden from our senses is a lifelong process.  5:15
2. The Search…Through the darkness and into the light, one foot in front of the other, with courage, through passageways and doors moving slowly forward.  4:26
3. For The First Time…” to arrive where we started and know it for the first time.”… T.S. Elliot. Often the events in our lives propel our search and help us to see our own true reflection.  4:07
4. Just One More…I met, and played for, a young woman while she was having Chemo and Radiation. She came to the Cancer Support Group with her sister when I was invited to teach the group to play the Native American Flute as a coping skill. They even signed out flutes to take home for practice. I saw her again twice in ICU, once when she was not conscious, and the last time when she could no longer speak. Her Spirit was still courageous and smiling. Twice, when I went to leave she raised a finger and mouthed, “Just One More.” She transitioned the next day. I wrote this and played this at her memorial service.  3:55
5. God Bless The Child…I have played this for so many patients, especially those who are alone.  4:33
6. New Mexico Sunrise…Standing out in the high desert in Northern New Mexico, listening to the magpies, and watching the sun come up of the snow capped Sangre De Cristo Mountains off in the distance, this is what is felt like. It was, for me, a sense of discovery I need to share. 4:34
7. Inner Strength…Moving forward on the quest is neither easy nor steady, and often full of lonely trudging…but the gifts, oh the gifts. 5:49
8. Desert Dance…Dancing in the private vastness of the search, and something is happening.  5:45
9. Arising…Unfolding, feeling, breathing deeply, as in awaking from a dream.  4:18
10. Looking at what’s found…Whatever it is that makes us see and be ourselves is a gift. Sometimes in pretty wrapping, and sometimes in downright ugly wrapping. I have both experienced and witnessed both, and learned from both.  3:30
11. Jig Of Joy…This song needs no explanation except that children seem to get it.  4:47
12. Birds in the Canyon…In a deep canyon outside of Winslow Arizona, I sat on a rock by a stream and had a lengthy joyous conversation with those that helped me learn to sing.  5:42
13. Happy Fingers…This song is the rhythmic creation of percussionist, and brand new first time father, Dan La Porta. Here he plays the Udu making it hard not to move with the rhythm, even if you’re in a bed.  3:59

Lou Boden: Native American Flutes
Dan La Porta: Frame Drums, Cajon, Bass Drum, Shakers, Bells, Cymbal, and Udu”
Recording at Studio L. by Dan La Porta
Editing and Mixing at Gizmo Studios by Gantt Kishner
Mastered at Studio L. by Greg Lukens and Gantt Kushner
Ellen Boden: Photography

And thank you in advance…Blessings to All.
Thank you for visiting our site.
Lou Boden, Founder

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  1. richard colbert

    Lou, we’re you at the summit of hawksbill mountain today?, my mom took a good picture if it was you up there.
    I can email it to you, if you would like.

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